We’re ALL in! 16/16/’16

That was our motto following our District Championship when 16 out of 16 players qualified for the regional tournament in 2016.  We swept our district and all 8 girls and all 8 boys placed first or second to win a trip to the Region III 3A Tournament held in College Station.  Our JV team also won their District Championship and earlier in the season our team barely missed another TEAM tennis state qualification by placing third at the regional tournament.  So, needless to say, it’s been a very successful season.

BS – 1st – Nick McFarland  2nd – Collin Goode

GS – 1st – Addie Roling  2nd – Marie Johannsen

BD – 1st – Dax Davis/Landry Sheridan  2nd – Tyler Gill/Cameron Bates

GD – 1st – Cayman Sutton/Niki Barham  2nd – Sara Robinson/Kasey Carr

MD – 1st – Cade Palmer/Audrey Lunstedt  2nd – Conner Weeks/Allison Goll

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