WO Tennis 2016

The beginning of Tennis Season 2016 has been great so far.  Although our first scheduled match with Gladewater was cancelled due to rain, the other days have been filled with sunshine and mostly warm weather.  The first tournament in Hallsville was tough versing 4A and 5A schools.  White Oak had two medalists, Cayman Sutton and Niki Barham, who placed second in Division 1 Girls Doubles.  Collin Goode finished in the top 4 of Division 2 Boys Singles.

Cayman Sutton & Niki Barham 2nd place Girls Doubles Hallsville Tourney

Cayman Sutton & Niki Barham      2nd Girls Doubles                    Hallsville Tourney

Gladewater Winter Classic

It was a beautiful day for the second tournament of the season.  First place finishers were Nick McFarland, BS, Cayman Sutton and Niki Barham, GD, Cade Palmer and Marie Johannsen, MD.  Sara Robinson and Ashlee Wyatt place second in GD.  Collin Goode won third place in BS and Cameron Marlow and Preston Ware were consolation winners in BD.  Some of our freshmen and new players were able to participate in their first tournament and realized that much more practice is needed to reach the skill level to be successful in the future.


Medalists: Back row-Cameron, Preston, Cade, Nick, Ashlee, Collin, Sara                                                    Front row-Niki, Cayman, Marie


Gold Medalists Niki, Cade, Marie, Nick, Cayman

Gold Medalists
Niki, Cade, Marie, Nick, Cayman



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