Past 2014 Results

WO Tennis 2014

WO vs.

Gladewater                                  Cancelled/Snow

Spring Hill Quad Tournament     Rained out

Gladewater Quad Tournament    Cancelled/Rain


Hallsville                                      4-20


Spring Hill JV Quad Tournament (entered Varsity)

Niki Barham – GS                         1st

Kasey Carr – GS                           Consolation

McFarland/Rogers – BD               1st

Robinson/Goode – BD                   2nd

Miller/Henson – BD                      3rd


Regional TEAM Tennis Tourney

3rd place – did not advance to state

Millsap                                         16-3

Whitesboro                                 16-3

Godley                                         5-14

Brock                                           5-14


Nacogdoches Invitational

Robinson/S. Sutton – BD              Consolation

Simmons/Lowman – GD                Consolation


Gladewater Bear Invitational

Lowman/Simmons – GD                2nd

Laura Denfeld – GS                     2nd

Sheridan/Lunstedt – MD             1st

Palmer/Barham – MD                    2nd

McFarland/Davis – BD                 1st

Robinson/Sutton – BD                  3rd


Kilgore JV Tournament               (entered Varsity)

Dax Davis-BS                              2nd

Cayman Sutton-GS                      1st

McFarland/Davis-BD                   1st

Robinson/Sutton-BD                    2nd

Sheridan/Lunstedt-MD               1st

Palmer/Barham-MD                     2nd


District 20-AA Varsity Tournament

Girls Team                                            1st

Boys Team                                           1st

Joy Lowman/Kailee Simmons-GD          1st

Kasey Carr/Sara Robinson-GD              4th

Cayman Sutton-GS                               1st

Laura Denfeld-GS                                2nd

Dax Davis-BS                                       2nd

Collin Goode-BS                                    3rd

Nick McFarland/Tanner Davis-BD        1st

Chase Robinson/Slade Sutton-BD         2nd

Landry Sheridan/Audrey Lunstedt-MD 1st

Cade Palmer/Niki Barham-MD               2nd




Lowman/K.Simmons-GD*                      1st

Sheridan/Lunstedt-MD*               2nd     (Won playback against Central Heights)

Palmer/Barham-MD                              4th

Cayman Sutton-GS                               4th

McFarland/Davis-BD                    (lost in second round to Kountz-state champs)

Dax Davis-BS                                      (lost in 1st round)

Robinson/Goode-BD                         (lost in 1st round)

Laura Denfeld-GS                               (lost in 1st round)

*4 State Qualifiers!*

2014 State Tournament

Joy Lowman/Kailee Simmons – GD

(lost in 1st round to Lago Vista – state runners-up)

Landry Sheridan/Audrey Lunstedt – MD

(lost in 1st round to Brock – State Champs)


WO JV vs.

Longview JV Tourney     No places

Hallsville JV Tourney           Cancelled/Rain

JV District Tournament

JV Boys Team                              1st

Boys Singles
1st  – Conner Weeks
2nd – Nike Simmons                                                                                                                                                                                                                           3rd – Keithan West
Boys Doubles
1st  – Jack Rogers/Hayden Nichols
2nd – Hagen Henson/Ty Miller


The following players finished the season in good standing:


Sr.                                                                     So.

Joy Lowman                                                   Nick McFarland

Hagen Henson                                                Tanner Davis

Chase Robinson                                              Niki Barham

Slade Sutton                                                  Cayman Sutton

Keithan West                                                 Cade Palmer

Jr.                                                                      Dax Davis

Kailee Simmons                                              Landry Sheridan

Laura Denfeld                                                Audrey Lunstedt

Ty Miller


Kasey Carr

Sara Robinson

Collin Goode




Sr.                           v                                          So.

Hayden Nichols                                              Nike Simmons

Jr.                                                                       Fr.

Jack Rogers                                                   Conner Weeks


Asst. Coach:  Dionne Simmons


Attitude/Effort:  Joy Lowman & Hagen Henson

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