“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!”

March 3, 2015

Hallelujah!!!  The warm sun and clear blue skies appeared this afternoon, same day our Longview JV Tourney was cancelled due to wet courts earlier that morning.  This was our first practice since February 21, and it was a good one. We were so happy to be hitting tennis balls and soaking in those rejuvenating rays of sunshine. It was my first opportunity to see the basketball players that just now got to start playing tennis show off their skills. I was pleased with their improvement from last year. It was a great time had by all!

March 4  1:00

But…unfortunately, the 70 degree temp, blue skies and dry courts did not last long. The pouring rain has been coming down all day, and the dams are about to break!  Needless to say, no tennis today. 🙁

Our season is over halfway complete with only two tournaments to play before district, so after spring break, we are going to have to put in double time to make up for all these days off.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. 🙂

March 19- Gladewater Bear Invitational

March 24- Kilgore JV Tourney

March 27- Longview Tournament

April 2- District Tournament – Varsity & JV – @ Gladewater

Where, oh where, did our sunshine go?

Wow! I jumped the gun on thinking the weather would be much better early in our 2015 season compared to last year.  🙁  Since my last post, the sun has totally disappeared.

We did get in our match with tough Hallsville, and got beat pretty badly. Next, the Gladewater Bear Tourney was cancelled due to wet courts and cold temps.

Luckily, we did get to travel to Brock and play our TTCA Regional 3A TEAM Tournament. WO competed against four different schools during the two day tourney, and most team members played a total of 8 matches. On Friday we defeated our first opponent, Glen Rose, 15-4, and lost to tournament champs, Brock, 12-0.  In Saturday’s first match, WO dominated Millsap, 17-2, and then allowed Whitesboro to take second place and qualify for state by losing to them 10-5.  My younger players gained some valuable experience by being able to participate in their first TEAM tennis tournament.

Since then, February 21, the weather has not been very conducive to tennis practice or playing.  Ice, snow, rain, slippery roads and below freezing temperatures have kept us off the courts and from participating in the NAC Tourney.

And…the rainy, cloudy skies are still with us!!!  I need sun!!!