Tennis Season 2014…not the best of beginnings :(

Not because of our play but the lack of it!  The uncooperative weather extremes of freezing temperatures, snow, rain, and strong winds cancelled one match, one tournament and turned our first  JV tournament into a miserably cold experience for some of our new players and me.

The JV tournament in Hallsville this week, Feb. 4, has been cancelled due to lack of players.

We are going to try once again on Thursday, Feb. 6,  to get a varsity tournament completed in Gladewater, but the weather forecast doesn’t  look very promising.  Except… here in East Texas, you never know.  White Oak tennis players are keeping a positive attitude, practicing hard (rain or shine, wind or cold, calm or storm) and preparing to capture their first tournament titles of the season.

Wish us luck and pray for beautiful, warm weather!  :))