Season Opener – vs. Gladewater :-(

Well, we have had some great tennis weather the last three weeks, some days a little cool and windy, but overall, we have been blessed with mostly warm, sunny days.  During our first match of 2012, we found out that we definitely need some more work to accomplish the goals we have set for this season.  Gladewater (3A) always has a strong tennis program, so playing them helps us to know what level of play we need to achieve to compete with the best 2A opponents.  Our score was 3 – 15, but half of our losses were by only 2 or 3 games.  So…it’s a starting point and we’re going to improve greatly from here on out.

Results vs. 3A Gladewater

Boys Singles:  Collin McMullen vs. B. Bundrick, 5-8;  Donald Griffin vs. Cade Hart, 8-6;  Tyler Keel vs. Ty Mesker, 8-6;  Blake Jennings vs. Dakota Mize, 0-8;  Ethan Land vs. Zach Phinney, 6-8;  Bryson White vs. Elliott Harris, 0-8;  Dylan Stone vs. Grayson, 6-8.

Boys Doubles:  McMullen/Keel vs. Hart/Mize, 8-4;  Jennings/Land vs. Mesker/Mitchell, 8-9, tb 5-7;  Stone/Mason Stith vs. Bundrick/Palmer, 4-8; Jordan Wyatt/Ty Miller vs. Murphy/Selman, 5-8;  Hagan Henson/AJ Blaylock vs. Murphy/Day, 6-8;  Wyatt/Dalton LaFerney vs. Murphy/Selman, 3-8.

Girls Singles:  Hannah Ratzlaff vs. Kadi Huff, 3-8;  Claire Smallwood vs. D’asa McDonald, 1-8;  Shelby Stillwell vs. Katy Stephens, 3-8. 

Girls Doubles:  Smallwood/Ratzlaff vs. Stephens/Perry, 0-8.

Mixed Doubles:  Donald Griffin/Stillwell vs. Bundrick/Palmer, 1-8.